Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hong Kong Fashion Week – House Show Presented by HK Fashion Designers Assoc Autumn/Winter 2010: an Extraordinary Experience Part II

Here comes another delicious and my most favorite collection in the show by Wines Chan, the designer of WinZchan whose “A Passer-By” represents a kinda transitory love. Classical inspir'd, romantic and elegant are the best words to describe her works. The collection's based on inspiration frm the poem “une passante” by Charles Baudelaire and the 15th century sculpture. The background projection featurin' a collage of the images of classical Greek sculpture and Renaissance paintin' had said it all. I was entirely fascinated by a scene where 6 models in Chan's delicate and beautiful dresses strik'n sum nice solemn poses on the runway as if they were the ancient Greek goddesses accompani'd by a flutist, which created a neoclassical feelin' permeatin' the runway.

Tis collection brings a graceful impression and a neo-romance inspiration with chiffon, cotton and soft wool fabric in earth tone. Puttin' focus on pleats and integration of refin'd British tailorin', it expresses the perturb'd reaction towards daily stimulations and pursuit of perdurable human relationship.

My 2 favorite stunnin' evenin' dresses in white and light gold (the one on the left) in peplos design, the Greek god's robe-like dress bring Athena and Venus alive on the runway.

Part III's comin' up soon.


  1. This is designer Wines Chan. Happy to heard that you did enjoy my show:)

  2. Hey thx Wines 'm thrill'd 2 hav caught up here. Urr collection's awesome. I bn think'n of askin' yuu wat made yuu bring live flutist accompaniment 2 the runway? Dat's impressive. Stay tun'd. ^^