Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hong Kong Fashion Week – House Show Presented by HK Fashion Designers Assoc Autumn/Winter 2010: an Extraordinary Experience Part I

Though I was born in the States, I spent my childhood mostly in Hong Kong when my half Chinese and half American father, who was a businessman decided to move his family to Hong Kong after my birth. Bein' conscious of my Chinese identity, I got dat attach'd feelin' to Hong Kong probably becoz I got many memories attach'd to tis place. I cldn't help feelin' thrill'd when I knew I was gonna blog tis show by sum young talented designers frm my "hometown." Tis house show presented by Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association Autumn/Winter 2010 included in Hong Kong Fashion Week took place at 2pm on 21/1 in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. The 3 local designers' collections which have their respective unique personality were presented within the half hour show. I arriv'd like half an hour before the show expectin' a long queue to get to the standin' area for the press. Much to my surprise, I was led to the front row seats reserv'd for the press where I snapp'd pics of the models walk'n the runway frm the best angle. The stage's modern and was set minimally with a white runway and background projection as a backdrop.

The show kick'd off with Yam Chan, the designer of yamkocht's collection titl'd "Plane Dressing." Futuristic and sexy are probably the words dat best describe Chan's collection. Inspir'd by uniqueness of paper dolls, Chan turns paper dolls into an art form reflected in his super sexy signature divin' suit-like jumpsuit in black.

The structur'd silhouettes of the jackets, skirts and dresses sumhow remind me of the 3D elements in Viktor & Rolf's designs but in a mild way. Another impressive thing 'bout the collection dat can't be miss'd's the nicely executed fluid drapery in the black chiffon jumpsuit. The models walk'n the runway barefoot, their feet wrapp'd by a strip of cloth as if they were in heels, to be exact's gotta be the highlight of the show, too.

Part II & III r comin' up soon.

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