Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rodarte x Maggie Cheung x Joyce Boutique = Dream Combination Eva

Du yuu no her? Yes she's Maggie Cheung, the Chinese actress frm Hong Kong plus the international superstar and fashion icon. If yuu hav watch'd her bravura performances frm In the Mood for Love as a married woman caught in an ambiguous relationship in Shanghai in the 1920s, or frm the French movie Clean as a drug addicted mom, yuu wil not be surprised dat Cheung's gain'd respect frm most reputable directors like Wong Kar-Wai and Olivier Assayas, and is always consider'd an eva favorite stylish gal for years.

Rodarte’s distinctively talented Mulleavy sisters—Kate and Laura who made their first visit to Hong Kong last week to showcase an exclusive four-piece collection designed in homage to Maggie Cheung at Joyce Boutique. The one-off pieces themselves were auction'd off to benefit UNICEF. The sisters hav a powerful knack at makin' visual entities to compliment their collections, and tis time there's no exception dat they created a stunnin' short film with the Hong Kong-based photographer Wing Shya to spotlight the collection, inspired by four great performances frm Cheung’s films: In the Mood for Love, Hero, Clean, and The Heroic Trio, so we're all lucky to be able to enjoy the pieces without ownin' 'em.

Rodarte's creativity and inspirational fashion concept plus Maggie Cheung's unique style basically form a brilliant collaboration of two artistic powerhouses frm the East and the West. It's noteworthy ow Wing Shya the director presented the film in black and white with beautiful piano background music, which effectively created artistic and melancholic aura which easily reminded of dat nostalgic feelin' convey'd by the film In the Mood for Love. I particularly like the yellow flowy fringe dress reminiscent of Cheung's heroic image in Hero.

As WWD reported Rodarte's view 'bout Hong Kong and their people's sense of fashion: “It’s our first time here and I’m in complete awe of Hong Kong,” said Laura Mulleavy. “There’s something so futuristic about the city. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Blade Runner was shot here. And the women are so open to fashion.”

Wud any promisin' talents follow Rodarte's step to dedicate their special designs to another Chinese inspirin' public figure? I suggest Elie Saab crossover Zhou Xun. Watch Zhou's performance frm Perhaps Love, which won her the Best Actress Award in the 25th Hong Kong Film Awards and yuu wil no why.

Elie Saab Fall/Winter 2010 collection at Paris Fashion Week

Zhou Xun the Chinese actress in Perhaps Love

Friday, March 12, 2010

Mine Favorite Designer 4: the Taiwanese Designer Wang-Chen Tsai-Hsia for Shiatzy Chen – “Neo-Chinese Chic” at Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

I got dat attach'd feelin' to the Taiwanese designer Wang-Chen Tsai-Hsia for Shiatzy Chen probably bcuz I myself 'm half Taiwanese (mine mom's Taiwanese) and born in the States. Wang-Chen started her fashion career in the 1970s as a seamstress in a clothin' store in Taiwan, and has become the founder/design director of Shiatzy Chen and the only Chinese member of the French Fashion Federation 30 years later. Her designs hav always been beautiful full of oriental elegance since the debut of Shiatzy Chen at Paris Fashion Week in 2008. Wang-Chen blends Eastern and Western fashion senses into her clothes. They're crafted in Western cuts, in top-quality brocade and silk with exquisite, hand-stitchin' craftsmanship like embroidery, appliques and beadin'. The brand spirit for Shiatzy Chen's “neo-Chinese chic,” which transfers traditional Chinese aesthetics into modern fashion design, and therefore its collections always result in a beautiful amalgamation of oriental aesthetics and western splendor. Each season Shiatzy Chen picks one of the Chinese elements as an inspiration for the new collection such as traditional Chinese calligraphy and classical ink and wash paintin' for 2010 Spring/Summer collection, Chinese porcelain works for 2009 Spring/Summer collection, and the Silk Road for Fall/Winter 2009 Collection. Wang-Chen's inspiration tis season's the essence of jade. The show took place at the Grand Palais on the 8th day of Paris Fashion Week (9th March).

Spring/Summer 2010 collection inspired by traditional Chinese calligraphy and classical ink and wash paintin'

Wang-Chen got inspired by Chinese porcelain works for Shiatzy Chen 2009 Spring/Summer collection.

Fall/Winter 2009 collection “the Silk Road”

In Chinese philosophy, jade embodies Confucian virtues of wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty and courage. Shiatzy Chen Fall/Winter 2010 collection seeks to produce exquisite designs by integratin' these inherent qualities of jade in ancient China to modern craftsmanship and tailorin'. The collection's inspired by the innate characteristics and persona of jade culminated with modern aesthetics and imagery to form new compositions.

Feminine charm's created thru light fabrics such as silk, flowin' chiffon, vibrant satin, woven cloths and intricate lace on a color palette of gold, emerald green, red and black.

The runway set sumhow reminds mi of Divine Road – the road leadin' to heaven....

The classic chin length bob and oversized sunglasses are reminiscent of women in the 1950s.

As the title "Essence of Jade" suggests, the model's accessorised with the luxurious jade pendent and earrings.

The model stunned in the woven jacquard dress with metallic details.

The model in the beautifully crystallized silk-satin evenin' gown with layers of chiffon at the hem

The collection, themed "Essence of Jade"s convey'd by heavy use of the color of emerald green.

An oriental aura's created as the collection's composed of elegant simple H line silhouettes. I specially like the silk-satin embroider'd knee length boots in emerald green so rich in Chinese motifs.

The luscious silk-satin dress in red adorn'd with precious jade and crystallized Swarovski elements

The Taiwanese designer Wang-Chen Tsai-Hsia for Shiatzy Chen

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mine Favorite Designer 3: Vivienne Tam Fall/Winter 2010 Presentation at the Mercer Street Flagship, New York – the Pride of Hong Kong

Undoubtedly Vivienne Tam's well-known to the world for her East-meets-West fashion sense especially to New Yorkers, as Tam moved to New York in 1982 where she thrived on the excitement and energy of the fashion world after attendin' college to study fashion design in Hong Kong. Despite the fact dat New York's become a home for her, Tam's a native daughter of Hong Kong where she had lived with her parents who fled China for Hong Kong til she graduated frm Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Growin' up in the unique atmosphere of the then British colony of Hong Kong with its combination of Chinese and Western influences' inspired Tam’s East-meets-West style. Season after season, Vivienne Tam draws inspiration frm her Chinese heritage to create distinctive clothin' dat blends the best of both Eastern and Western cultures. In 1995, Tam spark'd controversy with her “Mao” collection. The designs depicted the former Chinese Communist Party leader in unusual and humorous ways, such as with his hair in pigtails or with a bee on his nose. While alienatin' and offendin' her Chinese customers, Tam made waves in the US, as Americans lauded the provocative collection. In 1997, her “Buddha” collection excited similar interest and controversy.

Vivienne Tam the designer in her Buddha print dress

We hav seen over all these years Tam's designs with extensive Far East references in almost every runway show and tis year's no different. In 2007, she rework'd the concept of the Chinese qi pao. In 2009, she got inspired by the Chinese character for nothingness for her Fall/Winter collection. Her inspiration tis season's the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

Tam develop'd a qi pao/twenties hybrid and overadorn'd it with ruffled bibs and geometric shapes for her 2007 Fall/Winter collection.

2009 Fall/Winter collection inspired by the Chinese character for nothingness ― a piece of art in its own right ― which Tam's drawn to for its graphic appeal, as well as its message of cleanliness and startin' afresh

Vivienne Tam Fall/Winter 2010 presentation's held at the Mercer Street flapship the nite b4 Valentine's Day. The 18 models were perched on podiums in the middle of the boutique, which allow'd us to get a closer look at each garment treated with the intricate details. Tis collection, themed the Year of the Tiger, features plenty of texture, amazin' fabrics, and designs based on the Chinese Zodiac: “snake” prints, “rooster feather” sequins, and even a “rat” appliqué on a color palette of blood red, winter white, black, gold, grey, and green. The looks are a bit edgier than the previous seasons in which the designer strikes the perfect balance between masculine – the jacket pair'd with of-the-moment pleated cropp'd trousers, the multi-pocketed tweed vest and feminine pieces, such as the ombre frock with artful origami folds and party dresses bustin' with sequins and feathers. Also, her black tiger print lace tights wil surely be a must-hav for fall.

Vivienne Tam Fall/Winter 2010 Presentation at the Mercer Street flapship, New York

Pilar Solchaga in the safari jacket pair'd with of-the-moment pleated cropp'd trousers

Danni Li in the fabulous lacquer red dress

Aileen Loquet in the multi-pocketed tweed vest which creates a military look

The model in the gold sequin top and belted ruffle cardigan coordinated with the silver sequin-embellish'd skirt

Anastasiia Nikitchyna in the jacket with a ‘rat’ appliqué on it

Bara Holotova in the scallop'd, layer'd trench coat in winter white

Sona Matufkova in the party dress bustin' with sequins and feathers accessoriz'd with the black animal print tights

The model in the black swing coat with feather'd hem worn over wild zebra print tights

Signature look of the season: Lucia Jonova in the ombre frock with artful origami folds

The black animal print lace tights are definitely gonna be a must-hav item for Fall.