Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some Other Cute Goodies I Found@FashionCamp Milano 2011 for Hi-tech Fashion Geeks

Let's see what other cute goodies I found at FashionCamp Milano. Ninja Marketing has launched a Ninja edition collection of Big Bubble Bags – an entire line of innovative eco geek bags made from industrial recycled materials. They come in many different colors and sizes as well as different shapes. What is particularly exciting about the collection is that solar panels are sewn on the large sized bags, which enables the wearers to charge portable electronic devices in sunlight. The Big Bubble Bags are a smart and gorgeous creation from Italy. Eco-geek-chic never looks so good.

We all know that the sun is the most abundant renewable resource we have on the planet, if you are a typical hi-tech fashion geek like me never going out without your notebook, ipad and iphone, you shouldn't miss out on this convenient eco-friendly solar gear which looks cool and stylistic because it surely helps you catch up with the fast-paced world of fashion. The collection will soon be available for purchase online (info@ninjamarketing.it).

The huge fans of Japanese street style should know Ninja well. The team named themselves “Ninja” conveying the spirit of fighting for success.

How do I look?