Friday, February 12, 2010

Oriental Fascination: the Beauty of Porcelain Part I – China White in British Vogue March 2010 Issue (in memory of our belov'd Alexander Mcqueen)

The western world's shown great interest in the fabulous yet exotic and mysterious beauty of oriental art and culture for the past 10 years. Since the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the designers' passion for traditional Chinese art's reach'd its peak eva. Many designer brands hav been fascinated by Chinese blue and white porcelain named Qing Hwa porcelain, one of the century-old Chinese handicrafts and turn'd it into a major element in their designs at a certain stage. Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Christian Dior and the Chinese brand, Guo Pei are cases in point. I wil talk 'bout 'em a bit more in part II. British Vogue March 2010 issue takes inspiration frm white porcelain which foto shoot's named China White. As the name suggests, it's gonna show us lots of white porcelain: porcelain walls, porcelain stairs, porcelain floors and no wonder dat we also see porcelain clothes and a porcelain gal. Under Tim Walker's camera and Kate Phelan's stylin', not Lily Cole tis time but Sasha Pivovarova's turn'd into porcelain beauty.

Pale-white make up givs Sasha a porcelain face.

The exquisite and grandiose architecture occupies the whole look and at sum pics Sasha reli seems little and unnoticeable. But when the camera takes her close we see ow fabulous-looking she's with her skin pale-white and outfits dat seem fairy-tale-like.

The model wears monster Mcqueen's Spring/Summer 2010 surreal shoes and no less monster Nina Ricci ones, too. Here I dedicate tis pic to our belov'd fashion master, Alexander Mcqueen.

Part II's comin' up soon.

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